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Co-founded By Orla and Jeff who are brother and sister and are highly experienced in the Sports industry, Orla being a former Irish International Gymnast, Fitness competitor and running a successful dance school. Jeff who is a professional sports man, started with football at an early age and is currently a professional Golfer.

They have both competed at the highest level in their chosen field, and this set the foundation for what’s to come. Both being explosive athletes, activewear was a huge part of their training and both struggled to find High Quality, great fitting affordable Activewear. This is where their journey started. 

After 18 months of trial and error they launched their first full range 4th december 2018, And they can now happily say they are one of Ireland’s Leading Premium Activewear Brands.Stocking 7 styles of leggings all having 2-4 colours along with Zip Hoodies, Bra Tops,Crop tops, Vest Tops, Shorts, Capri’s and a full Mens Range from Hoodies, Shorts,T-shirts,Leggings, Caps and socks.

“The brand was built off the Ethos of inspiring others to get up and move, this moto #getupandmove has a lot more of a personal meaning but that is for another time. Our mission is simple ‘ do you ever wear that dress or those jeans or that shirt that just makes you feel amazing and more confident ‘ so this feeling is what we want you to feel in our activewear and we will continue to bring our community the highest quality activewear to give you the confidence to get up and move.”

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